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Sitting Down with Rowan Royalty

Finding time to meet with the ever-busy Tyler Logar is somewhat of a miracle. Between soccer, school and regularly scheduled volunteer efforts, the junior civil-engineering major isn’t all that familiar with the concept of “down time.”

And he sees no need to change that.

“If I’m not busy, I have to find something,” said Logar, echoing advice the father of a freshman-year roommate first gave him.

Upon first glance, Tyler doesn’t really stand out much. With an Under Armour hoodie, Adidas running shoes and plain joggers, he seems like the average, slim-built athlete. In reality, this Washington Township native is the latest member of his family to don the brown and gold on the field – a tradition transcending generations.

Aunts, uncles, parents and siblings have been involved in Rowan soccer for decades. His father was even named the national player of the year during his time at the university. In short, when a coach sees the name Logar, they expect a special talent.

Tyler is no different.

“My club team through Washington Township was ranked No. 1 in country,” mentioned Tyler.

Just this past season, Rowan was in contention for a national championship.

Despite being part of so many wins throughout his short career, Tyler admits that he doesn’t contribute much to the scoreboard. His opinion on this, however, is what truly sets him apart.

“I wasn’t that type of player. I was more of the technical, hard-working player who put everything else for his team on his back rather than just scoring and leading to the success. I did all the dirty work to push my team forward.”

On most sports teams, a player assuming that responsibility would typically just be one of those role players that no one but his team acknowledges. Tyler, on the other hand, uses it to further emphasize his role as the undisputed leader of every team with which he plays. At Rowan, it hasn’t taken him very long to make that impact.

It only took one season for his coach to name him captain.

“He was just like, ‘you’re the leader of this team… Even your freshman year, you showed that you lead this team… I’ve seen what you can do and you’re going to bring this team success,’” Tyler said. He became the youngest captain in the history of the team (only 18-years-old at the time).

In the two years since head coach Scott Baker’s decision, Tyler’s done nothing but exceed expectations.

“He just has different level of discipline from everyone else,” said the Rowan University coach. He then added how he even sees Tyler’s “relentless” drive to succeed in his pursuit of a degree in civil engineering. Baker, a teammate of Tyler’s father in college, has known Tyler since he was born. As a result, they have a player-coach bond not too common at this level of competition.

“He’s always been like a father figure to me,” said Tyler.

For the young Logar prodigy, it’s the desire for everyone around him to succeed that drives his passion to lead. In high school, he observed the other captains of his team and noticed the impact they had on the younger players. From that point, he would always welcome the opportunity to guide others and lead by example.

Taking what he learned from his former captains, Tyler got involved in local volunteer events. It helped to put into perspective just how fortunate he was and made him grateful for his upbringing.

“It made me realize how privileged I am that I can live that life and give back to others,” Tyler said. He also noted how the soccer team made a 3-year-old boy with brain cancer an honorary member and held events to raise awareness.

That same will to inspire and give back to others even carries over into his career aspirations. With a degree in civil engineering – a field which first piqued his interest when he began sketching buildings in his younger years – waiting for him in the future, Tyler hopes to one day take his knowledge into the field and be a key contributor in designing structures.

“I don’t want to be a desk guy,” he eagerly noted. Although he acknowledges that his entry position may put him in behind a desk, he aims to work his way up to overseeing large-scale design and construction.

Though his life is one with seemingly no breaks, Tyler does reward himself with brief moments of relaxation. When he has time to himself, he likes to sketch and listen to music. Admittedly an older ear when it comes to music, he considers Billy Joel his go-to artist.

Positioned at the edge of his coach’s desk is a trophy awarded for the “Rowan Men’s Soccer Racquetball Champion.” Etched on the side of the trophy are the names of the 2015 and 2016 champions. Both names read “Tyler Logar.”

“That’s one thing I can boast about,” he said with a laugh. “No one’s touching me in racquetball.”

Being a soccer player, it only makes sense for him to also enjoy FIFA with some friends every once in a while.

He’s even a big movie guy. Adam Sandler’s classics are among his favorites, but he’s always down to sit back and catch an action flick.

Romantic comedy?

“Not really a big fan… unless I’m with my girlfriend,” he said.

Through these rare – but desperately needed – opportunities to take a step back and catch his breath, he’s reminded that he’s still just a college student. In his junior year, however, he’s aware that he’s on his way out and the real world is now within walking distance.

“There’s nothing really exciting once you’re done college. Got to live your life and pay the bills and that that kind of stuff.” It was clear he wasn’t completely prepared for that reality just yet.

While he’s still in school, Tyler’s still got a few things in mind to leave his mark on the family legacy. Recently, for example, he met with the team to discuss the possibility of going to Spain to train with some under-19 professional teams before the season starts up again. For a Logar, there’s never truly an offseason.

Looking to become not only the best player on the team but also the best player in his family’s history, his next goal is simple: win the national championship.

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